Northside Christian Academy is an on campus, on-line school with Jesus Christ being the center ofeducation. Northside Christian provides an atmosphere for home school students that are looking for anaccredited program. NCA can provide educational assistance to home school parents under a Christ-centered program.We are a school that strives to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by using the word of God as a guide for every area of education. This is a partnership in education between parents and the school being like minded in our philosophy of education.
NCA offers a full academic curriculum as well as enrichment tutoring program. Northside Christian Academy offers credit recovery and credit advancement programs (Summer School). We will strive to meet all of your child's educational needs.
Northside Christian Academy is an accredited, non-traditional, private, Christian school. We are here for those students that need to excel in their education at their own pace with guidelines and supervision.

Northside Christian Academy is Fully Accredited by the Georgia AccreditingCommission. www.coe.uga.edu/gac

Northside Christian Academy is providing families with HOPE for their children's academic future. 
Northside Christian Academy
303 Hickory Ridge Trail Suite 180 
Woodstock, GA 30102

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